Farming and Nutrition

Pupils receive hoes for their farming lessons
     Pupils are happy with new hoes for their farming lesson

In 2011 Helping Hands was able to feed over 400 families for four months. This was a necessary but costly intervention caused by the phenomenon of green drought, the consequence of late and erratic rains which produce a green crop with little to harvest. The shortages of food at such times make prices rocket and so families resort to one carbohydrate based meal a day. This fills empty stomachs but hampers child growth and can lead to malnutrition.

We decided that we had to find an alternative to food aid and so we explored what has helped others across Africa in similar situations. We were very impressed with the work of Farming God's Way and combined their principles with some basic nutritional teaching in a series of interactive school lessons. Our work with parents is more discussion based so as to practically help them as individuals in a very targeted way. Where possible we provide some funding to kick start their work with spinach and orange sweet potato and we love it when we can offer a piece of land for the school or the parents' group to practise their new skills on.