Health Education

Debbie introduces new health lesson
  Debbie introduces a new health lesson to the nursery

Helping Hands is building a lasting legacy through its interactive education programme, undertaken by thousands of children each year. We have identified the main health challenges that our children face and we have written a series of lessons to equip children with the knowledge and understanding that they need to overcome them. These lessons are complemented by the disease prevention measures we provide to pupils and schools. The subjects covered in the lessons include:

  1. Malaria - what it is, how to prevent it and care for those suffering with it
  2. Hygiene - caring for our bodies and the importance of good sanitation practices
  3. Nutrition - eating and growing a variety of food types to promote healthy bodies

 These lessons have been used in other African countries as part of other organisations' work with children in need. We are currently re-writing them so as to make them more widely available and we are exploring how to use them on the radio.