Our Shared Dream

Debbie Johnson with Janepher, one of the health educators
  Debbie & Janepher, one of our health educators since 2004

Helping Hands began as a dream in which children began to value and care for themselves and others. We have always aspired to see these little ones as mini health workers who would spread key messages to their peers and families, and over the years we have seen this begin to happen. One of our earliest pupils is now a teacher, sharing our health messages to his own class. We'd love to see more of this as the years go by, with our trained children becoming informed parents who can in turn train their own children in healthy living. In this way, villages really can change for the better.

We have always believed in local wisdom and that no-one understands Uganda better than Ugandans. This is why we have always worked with local staff and had a Ugandan management team in place. This is something that we are currently strengthening so that the established work can be fully passed on to our Ugandan friends, to develop along the lines that they see fit. This has got to be the dream of all charities operating overseas so that communities are not left in a state of continual reliance on aid from abroad.

As we look to the future, we are working together to explore ways to make the project self-funding. By doing so, we will be able to guarantee a continuation of our work with children in Uganda.