Our Work in Uganda

Since 2004 Helping Hands has been working with the poorest and most vulnerable children in the rural areas of Kamuli and Jinja District. It all began when Debbie Newman Johnson spent a year training teachers in Uganda. Whilst working with various schools, she saw that there was a crying need for basic healthcare as only healthy children learn well. 

Debbie Newman Johnson in Uganda with village children
  Debbie meeting vulnerable children in Uganda in 2004

Simple infections escalated so easily when families could not afford treatment. Many diseases were easily avoided if only certain prevention measures were put in place. Debbie knew that these children mattered and wanted them to know that in a very real way for themselves. Out of her personal conviction of this fact and her Christian faith in a loving God, Helping Hands was conceived.

Helping Hands now works with 15 schools and around 5000 children and their families in four main ways:

  1. Health education with a focus on malaria, hygiene and good nutrition.
  2. Disease prevention measures including mosquito nets, school latrines and hand-washing facilities.
  3. Treatment of sick children through regular school visits by our nurse.
  4. Training in effective farming methods for pupils and parents.