Disease Prevention

Mosquito nets are given out to fight malaria
   Receiving your own net is exciting & important

Helping Hands has made fighting malaria its number one aim. The reason is that this deadly disease kills a child every 60 seconds, with 90% of those deaths occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa. The under fives are most at risk and so we have developed a simple programme which supplies every nursery child in our schools with their own bed net. This is known to be the most cost effective way of preventing the disease and it is simple enough for a even a little child to understand.

Helping Hands has an ongoing school latrine building programme so as to ensure that there is at least one latrine for every 50 children in each school. It is hard to imagine that some schools had only one toilet for over 200 children when we first visited them. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences of such poor provision though. Alongside the latrines we have provided hand-washing cans and each month our nurse delivers a supply of soap. This is a wonderfully simple way of cutting disease by around half!

All of these measures are complemented by our health education programme.